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Requirements Bazaar is a Web-based platform for sparking continuous innovation. It builds on the principles of social requirements engineering, which allows communities to express, discuss and prioritize their requirements and trace their realization in a social networking manner. The Web application was introduced to the Layers project as part of the open source developer tools (c.f. D6.1 [1], D6.2 [2]). The usage of the Requirements Bazaar in the project manifested through periodical entries about new feature requests. The services for Requirements Bazaar were designed and developed according to the Learning Layers development guidelines, following the DevOpsUse lifecycle (where Requirements Bazaar fulfills a key role in bridging the users to the DevOps world) and the microservice infrastructure.


A brief description is presented in the following Webinar:

Use Cases and Tool Support

Research Results & Impact

Our approch of social requirements engineering has resulted in a special e-letter at the IEEE Special Technical Commitee on Social Networking [3].


Requirements Bazaar - Meet your Users on the Web from IstvanKoren

Developers and Contributors


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