Ach so! Use cases

Implementing 2+1 model: Demonstration and improvement of skills at construction site

Demonstrating of skills is an essential part of completing vocational studies in the field of construction. Demonstrations of skills take place at construction sites where the documentation of the different work stages shows the snapshots of work but do not present the whole working process. Ach so! could be applied for enriching documentation by enabling video recording, annotations and sharing the annotated videos. Then, a supervisor/work peer would shoot a video when an apprentice is performing a task. Apprentice will make annotations on important topics to the video afterwards and send it to a teacher at school.

Orientation: Knowledge updates and knowledge sharing at construction site

Typical presentation tool for orientation is a “flip board” where relevant topics at the construction site have been written down. As work on construction moves on and various new safety-related practices are put into operation, also topics at the “flip board” must be changed. Instead of using staff as a resource for teaching the topics to new employees, video recordings could be utilised for that purpose. Videos should be pre-recorded in the authentic construction environment and connected, e.g. with QR tag, with a certain spot/object at the construction site. Ach so! would be used for recording a video and annotating it, and a video-related QR tag would be added to the spot/object. Later, a new employee will read the tag using Ach so! application that shows the video.

Safety at work: Identifying and reporting of safety issues at construction site

Need for new methods for reporting safety issues have been named as one of the targets for development in discussions with construction companies, workers and construction students. When a worker observes a safety issues, there should be an easy and quick solution available for reporting the problem to a person responsible for safety at work. Observed safety issues would be recorded and annotated by Ach so! and sent further. It is expected that documentation would be explicit and fast, and with a mobile application probably also more meaningful especially for younger generation workers.

Inventions: innovation exploitation at construction site

It has been noted that inventions that simplify work and improve working methods have been made at any construction site. Those inventions do not transfer from one construction site to another, which however would a benefit for workers and for building trade in general. Ach so! could be used for documenting good practices and techniques at construction sites, storing them and transferring from one site to another.

Reporting: documenting of processes and quality at construction site

Construction includes several stages of work those outcomes and quality are not visible in the completed construction work. In order to show the quality of the internal structures and properly completed stages of work, workflow and the main milestones could be stored by recording them by Ach so! Critical points could be indicated by using the annotation feature of Ach so! application.

Skills test: learning by reflection in healthcare education

Skills tests are exams where healthcare education students present their knowledge and skills on a certain topic, such as CPR. Regarding CPR, the test may be organized as a group exam where a group of students run CPR for 10 to 15 minutes. In the test situation, that is often very hectic, the students focus only on an examined topic, which prevents them from observing and reflecting their individual and their group’s action and from learning from it. Ach so! is used for recording the CPR performance of the student group who will watch their performance after the exam, make annotations to the video and thus reflect their CPR performance and learning experience.

Exercises: exercises and demonstration of skills in healthcare education

Cannulation is one of the exercises that healthcare students do with peers in an exercise room. In the exercise room, there are several working pairs doing the exercise at the same time. At the beginning of the exercise, the students get instructions from their teacher and conduct the exercise after that. The teacher follows up the student’s performance and gives feedback during and after the exercise. In such situation, a teacher cannot follow every step of the exercise. For documenting and getting feedback of the whole cannulation process, the students could use Ach so! for recording the exercise and the teacher could watch the video afterwards and give more detailed feedback to the students.